Thursday, 8 November 2012

Hey, Pinocchio...Where're you going?

Just like the red-haired, lederhosen-wearing serial killer in The Burbs, I'm a big fan of sardines.  Now, some of this is pure nostalgia.  Strange nostalgia but nostalgia nonetheless.  See, I have some great memories of when I was a little kid, maybe 7 or 8, sitting out in a shitty little Trillium camper trailer with my grandfather and eating sardines on toast and drinking root beer.  It was our little thing.  I don't recall the reasoning behind it...maybe my grandma thought they stank too bad to be eaten in the house.  Who knows, but either way they're some great memories, especially since my grandfather was really like a dad to me and he died when I was only 10 (not sardine-related).

As I'm not a hummingbird, I've long since given up the sugar water, but the taste for sardines has remained.  I writing about them because I think they're one of the quintessential Hobofit foods.  Here's why:
  1. They come in a can...with a pull tab no you can eat them in the back of a box car, huddled around a oil drum bonfire, etc.
  2. They're super cheap - anywhere from about 79 cents to $1.19 per can
  3. They're super healthy - 17g of protein, a day's supply of Vitamin D and selenium, loads of Omega 3s (get the ones in Spring water only, since some varieties are covered in nasty soybean oil and other shit.
  4. They're light, portable and not perishable - i.e. you can keep loads of them in your bunker and the omega 3's will keep your brain sharp and quick when evading the hordes of zombies.

Now the only downside I can see is that the can linings are probably chocked full of Bisphenol-A and other nasty estrogen mimickers.  But that shit is ubiquitous anyway and what doesn't kill you...well probably it will kill you eventually but you gotta go sometime.  Personally, my wife would probably be happy if I ate enough of these chemicals to sterilize myself, thereby minimizing any threat of an accidental third child that could upset our fragile 2 parent vs. 2 kid cold war standoff.
However, I think any risk is probably counteracted by the fact that they're a smaller fish and they would have far fewer environmental toxins like PCPs and Mercury than other larger predatory fish.  I think they're pretty high on the list of sustainable seafood too.  So really, what's not to like?  

Nevertheless, if anyone knows of any specific brands that don't use BPA and phthalates in the can liners, please let me know.  But I still think the benefits far outweigh the risks.

Delicious, nutritious, cheap and portable - the humble sardine.  Bon appetite!

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